I miss preschool TV, even more with every passing episode of Liv and Maddie I hear in the background of my house. We hung on as long as we could, but have succumbed almost entirely to thirty minutes of giggling teenage ridiculousness.

For years, everything I taught my kids could be referenced back to some episode of preschool/early childhood based TV.  Want the kids to line up… Bubble Guppies has a song for that. Lose the power… you remember that episode where Calliou lost his right? There’s no problem we can’t solve and when we are done Peg and Cat’s version of the problem solved wraps it up all quite nicely.  When you are upset simply take a deep breath and count to 4.. Thanks Daniel Tiger.  Super Why suggests we look for answers in a book and Wild Kratts has taught my kids more about animals than they could have learned anywhere else! 

Today I wasn’t feeling horrible, couldn’t kick my cold. My friend suggested Daniel Tiger’s best remedy… rest is best. Well after a nap and taking it easy I am feeling much better. I will always have love for my early TV friends. 


Everything I Need to Know I Could Learn on Preschool TV — No Comments

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