We had been using the kids’ kindles primarily for streaming and downloading movies. It’s not exactly the original purpose, but we hadn’t found ebooks to reasonably priced. The free offerings were minimal and never anything they wanted to read. 

Recently, I remembered that our library was offering free brooks to current card holders.  I figured these would too be books that the kids weren’t interested in, but luckily I was wrong.  My son has already read four highly in demand books just in the past ten days. Great current titles for intermediate readers (3rd through 6th grade) are available. There are a few for beginners and a slew for adults. We both have already enjoyed Wonder, wguch has a waitlist for the paper copy.

Here is how it works though  it may vary for your area. Simply log on to your library site with your card handy. Look for the online book tab and follow the instruction on downloading the app that your library uses. This app will be free. Then enter your library card and begin the check out process. Our library allows three books out per card. No driving, no late fees, wide variety, and it’s all free. Nothing replaces the feel of a paper book, but this is a terrific alternative! Happy reading. 


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