My 9 year old wrote this essay after researching on the internet and talking with family who are in the military.  He was really excited to win and I said it would be very unlikely and not to get his hopes up.  He won first place. ( I left his few errors in it)


Could you imagine hiding your true identity for 17 months? Pretending to be another gender just to fight in a war?  One woman in our history who fought for our country was Debroah Samson Gannet.  She fought in the Revolutionary War and was injured twice.  She was not known as a woman soldier, but instead pretended to be her deceased brother so she could fight.  Women have always helped our country in our nation’s fight, but now they are up on the front lines with the men.  In the past women have fought, but not as many as today.

Veteran’s Day is an important holiday to honor our soldiers.  In our military, often men get noticed and recognized more than women, but women soldiers are just as important.  They fire artillery, fly planes, man boats, and save lives  They also win awards for their outstanding service.  One is the Silver Star.

My aunt Sheena is in our country’s National Guard.  Three words which describe her are mother, hero, soldier.  Like many soldiers, she had to leave behind her family to serve our country.  When my aunt left my cousin was young and could only crawl, but a year later when she got back he was walking and talking.  My uncle was also in the military so when she was gone and he had duty, the grandparents had to help raise my cousin.  She says that leaving her young child was the most difficult thing she has ever done.  She was glad she only deployed when he was young so that he does not remember that time when she was not there.

Now many years later, my aunt is not on the front line, but still trains soldiers to fight.  The reason she joined the military was to afford college, but she ended up staying in the military for a career.  It offered her a stable salary and health insurance so she could care for her family.

During World War II, out of the 12,000 women that joined the fight, 400 were killed.  Women took on the challenges of being spies in WWII.  One of these spies was Odette Hallowes a British ally.  She was in a concentration  and was able to convince her captors that she was related to Winston Churchill. Another spy was Cecile Pear Witherington.  She made 18,000 Germans surrender in one battle.  She was then recommended for a military cross, but as a women was ineligible to receive.  She did the work it took for the award, but because of her gender she could not get what she deserved.

Currently in our military women can serve in many positions.  One is a fighter pilot.  One fighter pilot is Christina Hopper.  Se was the first African American female pilot.  She fought in Iraq and participated in fifty missions.  She is competing in her first Iron Man this month, which shows her strength.

As an American, I believe that every soldier who could complete the requirements for a position should earn the right to do the job.  Still today there are many positions that women are not filling.  As of this year, now all positions are open for them for the first time in military history.  I am thankful that I live in the United Sates where people volunteer to join the military to fight for our country.




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