There may have been a time that I thought I deserved praise for getting up with my son every night for over 500 nights straight all on my own. What I really needed was someone to come along and let me know I wasn’t doing anyone in my life any favors by trying to do it all. In fact it made life worse, because I was bitter and exhausted almost every morning. What I should have done is asked for help.

Now over ten years later, I am older and I like to think wiser. Being back to work full time has in some ways brought me back to those early days of motherhood where I was fairly overstretched day to day. This time around if help is offered, I take it. If my mom , who is retired, is willing come to my house and run the vacuum and throw in the sheets …I happily say yes. I am grateful not ashamed that I need this help to be a better person Monday through Friday.

I also am not ashamed to say that we pay a wonderful woman to clean for us about once every other month. It keeps the house from being condemned and the weekend after the cleaning becomes so much more free. I am not less of a mother or wife for doing this. So my advice is take the help when you need it and then someday when life’s a little less busy, you can return the favor to another family who needs it!


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