If you have been a long time follower, then you know we ski as a family activity each winter.  You may also remember some sensory and clothing issues that have plagued my youngest. We have worked really hard and spent quite a bit on gear to make things as comfortable as possible, but no matter what ski gear is suffocating.  The boots are like putting on two giant cement blocks on your feet.  The distance from the parking lot to the slopes is never close, no matter how early you are.  So inevitably, everyone is already flustered by their gear and the hike prior to ever getting in the first run.


Prior to this trip, we had already been skiing twice as a family this year.  The first time, my daughter was getting over being sick.  She had a lingering cough and remnants of exhaustion.  The midday squall, cold temperatures, and blowing wind didn’t help her at all.  The second time, we went when we it was bitter cold and super crowded.  She lasted pretty well until we ended up on a really steep black that she had hoped to avoid.  The stress of it, took all her energy away.

Today was our third trip and before the first run, she was already less than enthusiastic.  We pushed through runs one and two.  By the third run, she had her ski legs back.  Early in the day, she had declared that she would not go on the slope below the chair lift, it was too steep.  We didn’t push and later in the day, she breezed down that black three times.  She even did the Nastar course. While she doesn’t love to ski like the rest of the family, her slight enjoyment is success.  It means that we can continue our yearly tradition of a winter ski trip!  It’s already the end of January, but she at least finally has her ski legs back!


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