Our pool has been open for two weeks now. It  was opened for one single swim by a few brave children. Despite it being heated to 90 degrees, no day has been inviting enough to beckon them to dive back in!  Today we finally dug out the chairs, ladders, and toys. We spent the better part of the day mulching and mowing but as the afternoon heated up, we declared summer and all piled in. 

While it feels like summer, we still have 15 full school days to get through till we get to officially be footloose and fancy free. It’s been a long year for us which included a five week long teacher strike.  This means we must make up a lot of days. It’s bitter sweet as I am really enjoying my year teaching first grade. I will miss all my students and don’t know where I will be next school year. So though summer is beckoning for now Monday through Friday for the next three weeks, our family will still be involved in the business of learning. Weekends and nights though, we will enjoy our own little piece of the world. 


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