It’s been well over five years since my friends and I took our first kid-free trip. Since that first visit, it has been a running joke about my chapstick/lip gloss dependency. Yes, I have a car chapstick, a work chapstick, one in every coat pocket, a purse chapstick, and a bedside table chapstick. One can’t function with dry lips… they knew as long as I had a water, a heavy enough blanket, at least two good pillows, pitch darkness, and a bedside chapstick that I’d be happy to sleep just about anywhere.

This weekend we upped our getaway game and headed to five star Hotel Hershey. The hotel provided just about everything from chocolate body wash , body scrub, soap, lotion, even a toothbrush and toothpaste (not chocolate flavored), but sadly no chapstick in sight! Luckily, I brought several.

As we settled in, I realized what the heck are they teasing me for as they each brought out their sleepy time vices? A giant wind tunnel fan and a mini one too, a few special pillows and blankets, a thirty year old teddy bear and a forty year old tattered lovey. So what’s your must have sleep aide? I imagine the bellman has seen a thing or two, but he got an awful good chuckle delivering the two fans to the room!


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