We are on day 10 of social distancing and a few days in on isolation as well.  On Friday the 13th at the close of the school day, it was announced that we would be off for the next two weeks to help with controlling spread of Covid-19.  That night for the last time we had guests inside our house. We ate pizza and wings, the kids ran around banging into each other and playing board games.  We knew then that this would be our last for a long time!  We have taken COVID-19 seriously from the start. My husband suffered smoke inhalation from a fire 11 years ago that had him out of work ten months.  He recovered, but his lungs never reacted to illness the same again.

I know you often may look to a blogger for some words of wisdom or advice in a carefully crafted and perfectly titled writing.  You aren’t going to find that here, at least not today.  I can certainly speak to our perspective and what works for us.  Every family is in this together all across the world. Yet no two situations are exactly the same.  Some families are schooling at home, some families have one or two parents working, some families have their only source of income suddenly without work.  One thing that is equal is that we are all living in the midst of a crisis.

We are fortunate in so many ways within this crisis.  My children, though social, enjoy being home and have numerous ways to keep busy.  We have land on which we can roam even once state parks are shut down.  So far our jobs are stable.  I have a dog, who is a constant source of love and comfort.  We have plenty of food, the timing of purchasing a stand up freezer a few months ago was perfect.  My husband is an avid hunter and for once in my life I am grateful for the freezer full of venison.  For now you can find me at home cooking hundreds of meals a day, emptying the dishwasher every other minute, and catching up on a book for pleasure for the first time in a long while.



Stay in and stay healthy, prayers for all of your health and safety.

One of the things we are doing,


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