Your child may be coming home from school talking about how his friends all went to see “Deadpool” this weekend.  You may have heard the reviews that it is a not at all family friendly R rated movie and then wonder why your child is begging you to see it.  Of course you say no, but with each new passing day your child reports that yet another one of his pals has seen the movie and can’t believe your child has not.

Saturday, I pulled up to a birthday party with my son to be 9 year old son riding in his booster seat.  The kid is fifty pounds so he will legally need to be in a booster probably till the time I buy him his first razor or deodorant.  I was just thinking oh well, he will survive even if most of his friends have moved to riding with a seat belt alone.  Then I look to my right to see an equally small sized classmate riding in the front seat of his mom’s car.

I remember a friend’s son who was in fourth grade getting teased for wearing a bike helmet.  That is right no other children in the grade ever wore helmets, only my friend made him use his.

Here is the thing, I am not saying we as parents need to move forward as a robotic bunch following all the rules.  Believe me I am not, because I simply don’t either.  Cecily watches “teen like” shows on Disney and is riding in a high back booster not the safer 5 point harness seat.  We don’t zip jackets, are known to skip sun block, and eat processed non organic food regularly.  There are a few things though that would be nice if we didn’t jump years ahead on. For the sake of safety, you can not always give in to the kids and allow them to grow up too quickly.  It sure would be easier if we all worked a little more together on this one.



Hey Parents Can We Agree to Follow Some Rules? — 1 Comment

  1. Lindsey, I hear you! Our two oldest sons (21 & 17) went and saw Deadpool and have advised our 14 year son “there ain’t no way you are seeing it” repeatedly. We too are rule benders here & there but there are some rules that are not open for debate or discussion. Sometimes it is easier to give in and let it go, but, then the times I stick to my guns and say,”No, you just aren’t going to and you will thank me later on” knowing full well in my head they won’t “get it” until they have their own family and they are the ones standing firm on the rules.

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