Are you considering a trip to Hershey Park? I have a few tips to help keep your trip in budget and cheerful!

Hersheypark has become an annual summer tradition now that we live within 100 miles. If you are considering a trip to Hershey Park, start first with trying to grab some discount tickets. We buy ours through our school PTO for $35 each. Our parents often come and since they are over 70, they get a ticket for $29. You can also wait for specials run through the park. In late August, they were offering 25% off.

Many of the local hotels fill up quickly and are expensive. If you want to stay over, you may consider Grantville or parts of Harrisburg for a more budget friendly rate. Your one day ticket also allows you a preview night ($15 for parking) when you enter after 7:30. Then heard back to the park for the 10:00 opening the following day.

If you are there at opening, it’s worth heading all the way to the far corner past the Boardwalk right to Laugh Track which gets a long line. Enjoy this area of the park and work your way back to the front. Your end of the day tired legs will thank you! We always finish with the carousel area , where lines are short, rides are plentiful, and benches abound.

Hershey in the summer can get hot! So it’s worth buying the drink cup for $14.99 with free soda and icee refills all day. We brought small plastic cups and split up the drinks. You can also purchase a meal ticket for $12.99. Hershey allows one water bottle per person into the park, but I have often brought in a few snacks without issue.

Pick a day with rain forecasted. We scored huge today by selecting a day that looked like a bust. It’s a gamble, but if you are willing to deal with an occasional sprinkle, you will zip through the lines. Soaking rain, would be no fun and lightning could close many attractions. We were able to get through five main rides in 45 minutes and did every ride the kids wanted today within five hours!

Go mid week and late summer or early June. Tuesdays through Thursdays have always been our best days. Crowds are light and pair that with the end of camp season and crowds thin out. Plus many schools head back by late August.

Get the app, it’s free and gives you current wait times. Make a list of top rides and take breaks between at rides without lines. If you want a break from the hectic nature of the park try the sea lion show or head over to the zoo!

If it is a rainy day, check out the free Hershey Factory Ride and a sweet treat on the way out.

Hopefully your next trip will keep you Hershey Park happy!


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