When practicing analog time telling at the crack of dawn this morning (it’s a weekend so why not get up super early?), I found a great new to me website called I Know It.  This is a great practice site for grades K-5.  Here are the reasons, I think they are right on target with practicing skills.


  • They provide an assessment format, but make it feel a bit more like a game.
  • They ask a questions in a variety of ways.  For example at one point my daughter had to match correct time and at another point had to enter the times.
  • The format provides 15 questions, a great amount to measure if there is success or if the students need help.
  • They involve a quick reinforcer between each correct answer.  It is a longer and higher level reinforcer for primary students and a quick picture and word with emoji by 5th grade.
  • They test a variety of skills at each level and you can move between grades without logging in.
  • It’s free, you can’t beat that!

Give it a try! img_7459


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