I was looking for inspiration to write earlier today and got great ideas. None of which lead me to this post. 

It’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon here, sunny with a light breeze. It’s a perfect day for adventuring or relaxing outside… Currently , both my children are taking breathers in their bedrooms. Usually they get along and though one gives a bit more trouble on a day to day basis, the house is fairly drama free. 

Today it’s been a constant borage of tears. Tears over homework , tears from one hitting the other, tears from one not putting the others kickstand up for them, tears from not sharing a drink, tears for not wanting to go outside. All this while we are trying to run errands, unearth this house, decide what to do with a new investment property we purchased, and there was a possibility of relaxing. 

I love my kids, I appreciate their health and how fortunate we are that their struggles are so very minor. I love them, but today they are hard to enjoy. One has been out twice since I started writing this five minutes ago. That child is particularly persistent . It may fair well for her later in life, but right now it’s like a rooster slowly pecking my patience into nothing. The other is strong in his beliefs and doesn’t bend to what he doesn’t think is right. He apparently doesn’t think homework on the weekend in June is right. Right or wrong, it still needs to be done. Standing up for your convictions, great quality. It cost me a perfectly precious half hour earlier today. So while one was pecking the other hadme banging my head against the wall. 

So while I love my kids, some days I am reminded in an in my face sort of way of just how difficult parenting can be. 

I have to go now, because I’ve released them . Plus hey look what she did while in her room resting! She made a cast for her sore leg she hurt after running in the store and slipping underneath the clothes racks! 

That’s it folks parenthood in a nut shell, sometimes it’s broken and you need to mend it a bit to strengthen yourself for the next day. 


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