Last night the stomach bug took over my daughter’s body by fury! I suspected it was coming when she complained of stomach pain around 8:30. So I tucked her into her brand new bed with a basin tucked neatly beside her. By midnight she was in with me complaining of pain and an hour later the throwing up started. Years of allergy induced throwing up has made her a rock star puker! So though she was up the entire night throwing up every last ounce in her tummy, she made it to the toilet each time.  At 5:15 it finally ended and I got a solid hour and a half of sleep before getting up for work.  She stayed home , but never even took a nap . 

I have been blurry eyed all day, but somehow muddled through teaching first grade which included a student with a throwing up situation as well.  I am sitting on my couch paralyzed by pure exhaustion waiting for the sun and my kids to go down.  This exhaustion, however, was my every day life when my children were young. Most nights I averaged three hours of sleep and good nights I got a total of five. It don’t go on for weeks or months but went on for years. Almost four straight years to be exact . 
I look back at pictures from that time  and I see mess all around us. Recently, I thought why didn’t I get that under control? I had all the time in the world.  Now I remember why, pure physical and mental exhaustion from sleep deprevation. This is an apology from present day me to mommy to infant children me, I am sorry I judged you. I could never do what you did?  I need my sleep! 


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