I am not even sure when she arrived in my bed, but I woke up to someone curled into me. While for years I worked on her staying put in her bed, today I will take this moment. Her extra long tangled legs wrapped around me like a twisting pretzel. Her body radiating so much heat, that even the air conditioning can’t cool me off. The shallow breath in and out and the peace in knowing we have nowhere to be just yet.

She’s 8 and will still hold my hand as we walk about in public, likes to shop with me, and if possible would happily still be carried. We both know its ending soon. We were reminded of it as we dropped off her soon to be sixth grade brother at a middle school event. I reminded her that it was our job not to embarrass him and to let him go off on his own. She counted down the years till it would be her. Three she declared, I know I am lucky to even get another year of her being still little at heart. I will take my snuggles knowing that for now, she still happiest right next to mom.


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