Frozen II was released by Disney Plus early when the majority of Americans were home isolating for the Corona virus.  It has become increasing clear to me that the new theme song for the Corona virus surely should be, “Into the Unknown.”  Perhaps that ooooo waaa oooo cry is the thousands of cries of people now trapped (though safely) in their homes.  It’s actually a good noise to release at the end of the day, when you have unloaded the dishwasher for the 110th time, broken up a fight between sibling this one involving a chunk of missing hair, looked at your fresh roots in the mirror, scrubbed down your Amazon order with Clorox after leaving it on the porch for three days, and made you 1,000th meal with pantry food.

It’s all a new normal and yes as the memes say we have been asked to sit home with our families and watch Netflix, but let’s not diminish the extent of the loss.  It is hard to disconnect from our worlds and our people.  I miss my students and worry that not all are in safe homes watching Netflix and drawing with Mo Willems.  I wonder if they have food and will they have access to the education we will start to provide.  OOOO waaa OOOO.

My life has focused a lot on food lately.  While we have plenty stocked up due to a perfectly timed purchase of a stand up freezer. I want my kids to have access to fresh fruits and veggies, I want them to enjoy moments baking with me, and creating a fun and festive special meal to get through our isolation.  My husband is a hunter and so this means I may have already consumed, a quarter of Bambi’s dad.  Shopping in the stores has been a no go for us due to my husband’s compromised lung situation.  So we have been left with delivery and pick up.  I am actually one of the crazy people that enjoy grocery shopping and I miss getting to make my own choices in the store.  We began with a local store and delivery.  We soon discovered through our friends … Wal Mart pick up.  Wal Mart and I have never been great friends, so I was skeptical.  I quickly placed our first order and was pleased with the results, but when we were ready to refresh for the imminent shelter in place, the times became non existent.  My mom was due for a restock and we wanted to add in her order to ours, but the next day again there weren’t any times.  We could go back to the local store for delivery, but they were scheduling a week out and there was no telling what they’d have in stock this time.  So I went ahead and loaded my cart at and promptly woke up at 4:00AM to secure my time, which worked.  Today we pick up an entire carload of fresh fruits, veggies, and even an Easter ham!

So if you are in an area of low availability, I suggest a Walmart pick up (oooo waaa ooo, did I just suggest Wal Mart?).  Tips and tricks:

  1.  Use my link for $10 off.  (I get a $10 referral, and once you establish an account you can send out referrals as well.)
  2. Create your cart now, make a wish list for everything you want. If they don’t have it they will substitute for you and you can refuse the substitutions at pick up.
  3. The cart saves, so that when midnight rolls around and they release new times, t you can grab one.  Check daily.
  4. After you secure your pick up time, you can continue to adjust your order so you don’t have to be ready right away.
  5. Think about going to an off the path store in a less crowded area, you have the time and the drive is an activity.
  6. Select the lower cost items.  If they substitute for you, they won’t charge you beyond that price.
  7. See if your neighbors or elderly family need anything.  You can do a large order.  We included my mom and a ham for our friends to drop off. You can buy items beyond groceries, like for instance chainsaw oil.  In case you too are cutting up next year’s firewood and having the kids move it as an activity (PE class)



Into the Unknown — 2 Comments

  1. loved this post so much and this was so relatable: “Wal Mart and I have never been great friends, so I was skeptical..” Your post made laugh out loud and shed a few tears too. Ooo aaa Oooo eeeeeee for sure.

    • Wal Mart and I had another issue when they forgot my frozen turkey breast yesterday, but for the most part I can forgive them.

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