A few weeks ago, we heard that the Topps program was looking for volunteers. This is a program that sets up soccer for children with special needs. It’s somewhat structured, but also very open so kids can participate to their comfort level. My son had helped with the program a few years ago when his friend took him along. Three weeks ago, it finally worked out that we were free to go and so off they went dressed in sneakers to help out.

I thought the kids did a good job helping, but they didn’t feel like they did much. I tried to explain that even a simple bit of kindness could help someone’s day and while maybe they didn’t feel as if they were helping the other kids it could be that by being there it helped their parents.

Tonight was the final session and when I told my son to get ready. He sort of did a middle school grumble, but off we went. With in moments a little girl ran right to my daughter with a big smile saying my friend is here. They ran off holding hands and had a great time. My son ended up with a little guy who needed lots of wrangling for the hour. By the end the boy had his arm around my son and a big smile on the face. The parents thanked them for helping out. Both my children came home excited and proud. They were making a difference and that made a difference to them as well. Life goes zooming by and too often around our house we forget to stop and show that simple kindness toward others. Tonight was a reminder of how much better life feels when you connect with others.


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