It is no secret that Aldi is cheap and bare bones in many ways, but then there is that element that is pretty high end. We regularly purchase Irish butter, German chocolates, and French cheeses.  I don’t know about your location, but in our parking lot I spy some really high end cars on a regular basis.  People are shopping there, because Aldi has a lot to offer across socio economic lines.

Some weeks, it is one stop shopping.  That means we buy our meat there.  That’s right, we eat meat from Aldi and have been eating it regularly for a few years now.  I am not saying that the meat at Aldi is the most high quality meat available, but it has met our standards.  You can purchase grass fed organic beef  (we recently bought this instead from a local farmer at a better cost), we regularly purchase the chicken tenderloins as salad extras, and have found some decent cuts of beef that were seasonal.  A few weeks ago, we purchased an amazing brisket.  We tend to high end shop the meat department, sticking to items that are more costly yet still don’t put us over the edge due to other savings in store.


Our absolute favorite item we buy regularly in the meat and seafood department, is the scallops.  We have created a delicious recipe for scallops, with a spicy red sauce, and zucchini over pasta topped with parmesan!  All items grown here or purchased at … you guessed it Aldi!  So next time you shop, don’t steer clear of the meat department, be a little fussy but give something a try!


It’s Safe to Buy Meat at Aldis… and Scallops too! — No Comments

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