Yes, that’s not a word or a phrase that has even the slightest bit of grammatical correctness, but my gosh it is true.  After a busy Sunday with me not feeling quite right, I was dead asleep by 9:30! That’s a rarity on a Sunday. I had to drag myself out of bed at 6:00 this morning and that’s when I realized I wasn’t feeling so well. I pushed through the aches and stomach pains to get to work on time.  I thought the day had to get better… 

It was Monday though and someone sent a notice to the students that I was short on energy and patience. By mid day I was ready to crawl in the body sock (we have one in the room) and cry.  The day didn’t get better from there, but hey it’s Monday. My teaching staff and I all left really ragged by the end of the day.  I still remember the days of going home after really wicked Mondays, getting take out , and collapsing. That was before I had kids and a house and a husband and a dog. So the Monday carries on. I was hoping to have a good Tuesday, but then my assistant sent me this. 

So I am bracing myself for an interesting week. Now I am off for a cup of hot tea and a bath , cause that’s how I roll! 


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