When we walked into Kohl’s to do an Amazon return today, my daughter looked around and said is this place a mall or something. That’s how frequently we go to Kohl’s. Why? I don’t have or want the credit card. I feel like you can’t possibly shop there without it, because I know everyone else is walking about with 30% off coupons. I also feel like they take the 30% off into account and reflect it by hiking up their prices.

The return went great and as we were about to stick the receipt into my purse, they mentioned the 25% off coupon. We’d nearly evened the credit card playing field, so the kids and I decided to look around. They had a few observations, but their biggest was why is everything on sale all the time? After finding two items, we headed up to the endless line. That’s when the hardly surprising occurred, the hoodie my son selected was excluded from our coupon. It wasn’t a brand listed in the exclusions, but was excluded. So we walked out paying way too much for a hoodie which was a big reminder why we just don’t shop at Kohl’s.


Kohl’s Dupes Us Again — No Comments

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