Valentine’s Day hasn’t ever been anything we’ve highly celebrated as a couple. I mean it was a relief years ago to finally be coupled up, then there were the few years of really celebrating, and finally we spent the past few years focusing on things like heart shaped pancakes.

Today, I threw on my heart adorned sweater and headed out to a full day of Valentine’s energy with my 22 first graders. While the party is simplistic with the school rule of no giving out food or having parties with food. We still were going to celebrate! After a craft and game, the students finally got to the card portion of the day.  The joy that came out of these little ones was delightful.  I felt like The Grinch. With each thank you and kind words they exchanged the more my heart burst with joy. 

It’s the simple thought of getting a bit of love from a friend. Something to say I appreciate and think you are neat. It’s simple, yet important. Thanks for showing me the love today kids and I am glad the no food rule doesn’t apply to me! Chocolates here I come… 


Lessons in Love From the 6 Year Olds — No Comments

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