Yes, summer is ending! With a slew of friends who live near the New Jersey shore, I am seeing all the last times dipping your feet in the ocean posts.  Though the return of fall brings back to school and weekends on the soccer fields, it doesn’t have to be the end of outdoor fun.  With the kids and I at school every day till 4:00, it doesn’t leave much time each evening.  It’s become a goal to do more hiking and exercising this fall.  We started this weekend with a kayak trip on the river to celebrate my 40th birthday and a hike today.


If you are in the Poconos and looking for a bit of outdoor adventure, the Hickory Run State Park is one great option.  With 44 miles of trials ranging from beginner to more advanced there is something for everyone. We enjoyed the Hawk Falls Trail, which was fairly easy to navigate though you needed to keep an eye on your steps through the rocky space.  The kids even enjoyed a lot of climbing throughout the short hike.  The water that emptied from the Hawk Falls, was a crisp 50 degrees making it the perfect habitat brook trout.



Next we headed over to The Boulder Field.  Allow time to get to the trail, because the drive in on the travel road is slow and rough.  This is a must see if in the area.  There is a complex and mysterious history behind how the 16 acres of boulders were deposited in this location, which takes you right back to the ice ages.


This field is like hiking a giant maze, which the kids enjoyed.  Watch your ankles don’t turn while hopping from rock to rock.  After my family made it across the entire field, we took the stone trail back to the car. There are plenty of trails for us to explore in the future and we look forward to a fun and active autumn! Check out the Tubs hike too!



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