Oral reading fluency can create the bridge between decoding and reading comprehension.  With proper fluency and expression, students are able to focus on the meaning of the text and less on decoding.  So reading with automatically is a  critical skill, but then how do we bridge the gap with students who struggle with fluency?


When I saw Lyrics 2 Learn advertised, I was immediately drawn to the program.  I am a huge believer that students can enhance learning through music.  Lyrics 2 Learn was taking a skill that was often difficult to incorporate on a daily and individualized basis and providing a motivating way to improve fluency.

Now at first I thought, that the songs were not going to appeal to my students.  I was so completely wrong!  After the first day the boys were rapping about sight words and their favorite song Night Creatures created a choral reading stir.

So here is what I love about Lyrics 2 Learn:

  • Songs at varied levels that also teach content.
  • A comprehension component that communicates progress to the teacher.
  • Simple set up and ease of assigning songs for each student or the entire class.
  • Music with beats that draw in students.
  • Allows for independent learning which can be easily differentiated.


Both my first and fourth grader thought the songs were fun and enjoyed trying to keep up with the fluency pace.  As we approach Dibels testing, which assess oral reading fluency, Lyrics2learn has been a great way to get in fluency practice.  I feel the program is quite affordable at $135 for 35 students for 14 months, which allows 35 accounts.  For parents it runs $10 a month and allows for multiple accounts. So for less than the cost of a large pizza, your child could get access to this engaging fluency program.  I am currently doing the four week trial and suggest you give try too!  I would love to hear what you think.





Lyrics 2 Learn Boosting Reading Fluency Through Music — 4 Comments

  1. I’m curious if you continued with this program. Were the DIBELS scores improved? I’m thinking of trying this in my school and wanted feedback before I try to purchase it.

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