It was last week and I was using my final bit of energy to read my daughter a story before bed.  We are between Junie B. Jones and fairies right now so see grabbed a picture book, The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room.  As in all Berenstain Bears’ books this one set out to teach a lesson, but a few pages in it was like watching my life unfold.

The cubs leave their junk all over the floor and instead of cleaning it up,  Mama Bear ends up sweeping in while they do little work. Mama Bear’s face speaks volumes.

Then Mama has just about had it and storms in with a box dumping all the precious  toys into the box while the cubs are in full freak out mode.

She not only puts in Brother’s bird nest collection,but starts to throw in Sister’s precious stuffy. The commotion gets out of control pretty quickly.

That’s where Papa steps in… hmm he thinks “I ought to go in and sort out the commotion for Mama.” In the book it says he couldn’t imagine what’s going on. Haven’t you noticed Mama’s poor hunched over back and the toys everywhere.? Didn’t you think you could have helped instead of sneaking out to the wood shop.

Look at Mama all tied up in anger. Now I can’t reveal how the book ends, but I can assure you things work out for the best. The book had us both laughing out loud so much my own husband came up from his perverbial wood shop to see what the commotion was about. We had a good chuckle looking at the book as a reflection of a few not so choice moments in my own house.

This is their morale , but mine is  “Don’t  push mommy over the edge.”


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