It was 15 degrees and we had been skiing for about four hours.  She started the day with a breakdown over a severe headache (too tight googles), but had picked up the pace.  In fact she was actually enjoying the day!

Ski resorts design these cross country type sections where if you aren’t speeding at 25 mph hour or faster to go across the mountain, you find yourself dead on your feet. Last year after miles of pulling, we finally invested in some poles to try to help her! So there we stood, the downhill side of the cross mountain path with the lodge in our sights.  Her little legs were  starting to act like jello, flopping her down like Bambi.  The boys had already reached across and were gathering at the lodge.  So what’s a mom to do with a slip sliding seven year trying to go uphill. You give in, you take off her skis and send her walking up the hill to the lodge in her heavy boots with empty hands.


Then you take her skis, her poles, and your poles and ski up hill to the lodge while your husband laughs hysterically and snaps a picture.  You do it cause you are the mom!



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