If you read this blog regularly then you know that I write in clusters. It wouldn’t take a genius to track those clusters around a school calendar. I have always felt that back to school time is a huge transition for teachers, because the newness and responsibilities come at you like a freight train. While I haven’t spent my whole summer sipping frozen drinks by a tropical pool, I have relished in a relaxed schedule where I didn’t need to shower and head out the door.

The kids have even started to sleep in and my older son literally had to be awakened each morning, if we wanted to see his face before 9:00. This is all just in time for the start of a new schedule and 7:00 bus pick up. All those years of Elementary bus pick up where he was up at 6:00 waiting for two hours of school to start are gone! It’s also the first year my daughter won’t have her brother or mom in her school as I too have moved buildings.

Back to school time has been signified by increase of fighting in frequency and intensity in our house. The level of patience has dwindled and agitation escalated. Since my consumption with work hits its peak and attention to the home front dwindles, it’s no wonder. We love you summer and want to hold on, but know it’s time for routines and space from each other!

Happy back to school! For all you stay at home parents, clink a glass or two for me, do a happy dance, and enjoy! For all you teachers, October will come and things will get easier, we can do it!

The clean slate…


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