I asked my children what makes someone a hero:

One child responded by saying that a spider must bite you and then you turn into a super hero.  The other one (the older child) said that you must accomplish something worthy enough to be in a book.  To me a hero is someone who selfless and brave, someone who does something that most others wouldn’t do.  Someone who endures what most others would not.


National Geographic has come out with two amazing new books focusing on heroes and heroines.  The book has covered in depth such a wide variety of people and animals that the learning and interest level is extremely high!  While the word hero means something different to each person, they have used the following characteristics to determine who makes the cut.


In these books, heroes tend to
share seven stupendous qualities:
• Heroes are courageous
• Heroes do the right thing
• Heroes have compassion
• Heroes are competent
• Heroes are inspiring
• Heroes never quit
• Heroes leap to action

I was floored at the content and value that National Geographic has provided in these books.  As an adult and educator, I take my books seriously.  For this review though I went to my 9 year old son to see what his perspective was.  He has always been a fan of non fiction books, when other children were taking out picture books in Kindergarten he was lugging home enormous books on Abraham Lincoln and the United States. He tends to lean towards interests in historical figures.  Last year he selected to research Thurgood Marshall, which was quiet a difficult task as there has not been many recent children’s books written on this hero.

The second the books arrived in the mail, my two children were hooked.  My beginning reader spent a few days observing the pictures.  My son however fully immersed himself.  When I asked what he enjoyed most about the books, here were his responses:

  1.  You do not have to read it in sequence or in one sitting.  You can start and stop where you please.
  2.  There are small blurbs at the bottoms of many pages that gives you an idea of what the person did.  If you are interested then you can read the whole page, but if not it lets you know it is one to skip.
  3. The photos are great!
  4. They are good for all ages and can be used as a reference for a report.  Also you can get an idea about someone you would like to learn more about too.
  5. I like that the people are not all famous.  There are people I had never even heard of and now I have learned more.
  6. I loved the “Reel Heroes” section where they described what famous actors did in real life to be heroes.
  7. Easy to read Table of Contents.


As an educator, I like that it is a book that can be read over and over again, piece by piece.  I also love this book as a gift for both girls and boys ages 5-12!  not many books focus solely on heroines like this one.  The price is amazing for the content and size, plus it is durable since it is hard cover.

The books lists for $14.99, but at the time publication this  The Book of Heroes is $11.44 shipped on Amazon with prime and releases November 8th.  The Book of Heroines is only $11.06 at the time of publicationt.  That is amazing!  Even if they were running $14.99, it is an amazing offer for such quality and influential literature.

You can buy a set for yourself then enter to win a set to give as a gift to a special teacher or child in your life.










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National Geographic: The Book of Heroes and Heroines Giveaway — 34 Comments

  1. Nathan loves to keep National Feographic books in the car – he can pick them up and read a page or two here and there when we are running errands or stuck in traffic and doesn’t have to keep track of where he is and I don’t have to wait for him to finish a chapter when we get where we are going

  2. Both my kids are readers and I am always looking for new topics to grab their interest, so this is right up their alley!

  3. My three children have a HUGE collection of Nat Geo Kids books. They read the titles over and over again. Perfect to bring on long road trips.

  4. My son who is a bookaholic! He would hug and kiss them! These sure will be one of his prized possessions and valued companions

  5. My son who is a bookaholic! He would hug and kiss them! These sure will be one of his prized possessions and valued companions! Thanks for the opportunity

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