Cole got Clue for Christmas and I could not believe my forty something year old husband had never played it!  It got me a little nostalgic about favorite games from childhood, one being Booby Trap.  The name alone would cause any good class of second graders a ten minute giggle spell.  I tried to locate a version of the game, but realized it was now made in China and had terrible reviews.


This week we scored the original 1960’s version complete with directions at our church rummage sale for $1.  The kids love it as much as my cousins and I did back in the 1980’s. You rock, Booby Trap, you rock.

What was your favorite old school board game?



Old School Board Games — 5 Comments

  1. Old fashioned board games can be fun to play but it is hard to get kids to sit down in front of anything that is not electronic.

  2. I haven’t heard of this board game before, but I did score an old school Electric Football Board Game from eBay for my sweetie (who was feeling nostalgic. Great price at the rummage sale!

  3. I used to love both Clue and Life. They were the only games I had a chance of winning against my crazy competitive family – they smeared me at Monopoly and Battleship.

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