I have been using Ozobots within my classroom for three school years. My children received them for Christmas a few years ago and they were a huge hit with adults and children. It was not long after, that I shared them with my first graders and last year tried them in my special education classroom.

This school has been all about me focusing on improving reading and math skills. When Tryazon posted about an opportunity to try the new Evo in my classroom, I jumped at the chance knowing that this would be the perfect addition to our centers. I knew the students would find the new Evo and my existing Bits to be engaging and unique. What I didn’t know was just how important introducing STEM into my learning support class would be to one student.

I have one boy who is extremely quiet and speaks rarely and mostly in a whisper. After I introduced the Ozobots to the classroom, he was ecstatic. He shared that he had a Bit at home and brought it in to share the next day. We watched him caretake the robots by charging them and setting and cleaning them up . Watching him chatting with friends and showing them how to draw amazing codes was so motivating.

It reminded me that even though I now teach mostly language arts and math, doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to integrate STEM more into the classroom. Ozobots have never disappointed. They teach coding, visual motor planning, math skills, and enhance social interactions between peers. Ozobots are reasonable and take very limited resources and technology to use. Not many “toys” are still played with after two years, but time after time the Ozobots create engaging fun and learning.


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