My kids are old enough to pack their own lunches and they do sometimes. Ah but sometimes they are on the verge of emotional breakdowns and really it’s not worth the torture of watching them take forty minutes to do it…

So in the busy soccer season, I take the lead as chief lunch packet. This year we are starting out without soup! I am thrilled, because I don’t have to keep batch making it.

The “little on” who didn’t get so tall by withholding food is having the following:

Yogurt Stick- (mom why can’t I just have gogurt, you let me have Danimals. Good point, but I will die on the hill of lunchables and Gogurts .)

Pistachios of which she shells half eats them and leaves shells with uneaten pistachios so I sort them daily.

The most expensive small cranberry juice cans the store sells.

Knoppers -they are European so my kids want them.

Fruit Leather- just bought a huge box of over 50 so by next week she will hate them.

Goldsfish- need to rainbow because the red taste best.

Blueberries- the zillion $ strawberries last week were “too squishy”

Pita Chips and Hummus.

The older one is easier , he will even eat peanut butter and jelly. Just give her that instead you say, hahaha the sight of her hungry after school is enough to forever cater to her every like!


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