When you are sent an advance copy of a book in early March and it says read by March 25th… I might panic. I mean it’s IEP season, ending soccer, beginning lacrosse, Science Olympiad, Science Fair, plus I have that pesky full time job and oh yes a graduate class looming in the background.

So while I dried my hair, I cracked it open. I love reading, but my biggest hang up is finding the next book. I’ve read through my two favorite authors and so I wait for them to write more! I have been teaching plot this week and I get the whole background phase of things, but The Girl He Used To Know hopped right in and hooked me. So much that five days later I was done! Quite a feat considering I held five IEPS this week and was out with the kids every night somewhere!

Without giving much away, The Girl He Used To Know deals with personal struggles including romance of a woman with what we’d presume to be autism spectrum disorder. It easily jumps between two time periods in chapters with two narrators. Tracey Garvis Graves writes sensitively and in depth through the eyes of the character with numerous sensory and social differences. You can purchase this novel by placing a pre-order now! !

Happy reading!!


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