When we moved into our current home, it had been empty for over two years.  As soon as we walked in the home, the smell hit us.  It was musty and stale, some rooms were worse than others.  My daughter’s room took some real work. My husband scraped away the disintegrated carpet pad and used a special primer on both the floors and the walls before we repainted and put in new carpet.  It is as good as new, that is until we have the house shut up for a day or two.  After that the odors start to flare up again and her room starts to smell of old cigarettes, it is a faint smell but it lingers.   When I was offered to try out Renuzit Sensitive Scents for for free in exchange for an honest review, I hesitated.  I have such an issue with scents giving me headaches.  I thought about it for a few days and then hoped that maybe something called Sensitive Scents could be the answer.



They arrived and we immediately tried the deodorizing spray in my daughter’s room.  The light scent lasted without overpowering even with an overzealous five year old spraying away.  I remained headache free.  The very next day the family was hit with the stomach bug.  The scented oil plug in worked amazingly well in the bathroom.  We couldn’t keep it in too long, because the smell is very powerful.  We just plugged it in for five minutes at a time and the scented oil scent of Pure Ocean Breeze lasted for hours.  The kids were able to use the plug in with ease and we all enjoyed the fresh and sweet smell!


The final product we tested was the Sensitive Scents adjustable scent come.  This one we are leaving by our entry way to help keep a welcome scent when entering our home.


Overall we loved Sensitive Scents, the kids love the ease of use and  I love the effectiveness plus the fact that I can use them without getting a headache.  My favorite is the scented oil, I just can not get over how quickly it worked.  Renuzit Sensitive Scents has given me two $5 coupon vouchers for a free product for my readers.  Best of luck entering below.

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Renuzit Sensitive Scents Review and Giveaway — 38 Comments

  1. As a single working mama of 3, I like ro keep my house looking and smelling clean. My kids and I like fruity smells best and I think I’ll like the Pure White Pear & Lavender spray scent best!

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