We skied first tracks to last run today, which meant 25 miles of skiing.  There were perfection moments and a few oh crap moments in the day. 

Imagine you have exactly fifteen minutes to get to the base of the mountain to pick up your children from ski lessons. Suddenly, your husband decides to pull and audible leading you astray onto the worst slope of your life!  An ungroomed black diamond with only moguls. Of course I was upset after the first steep mogul section, then increasinging pissed after the second one, then I hit a rocky patch (ungroomed meant melted snow with sticks and rocks) and twisted up onto a face plant. First fall in years made me unhappy, but after I picked myself up and hit the bottom of that mogul hell I thought it must be almost done… almost became the steepest slope with the least amount of snow cover filled entirely of moguls. At this point, I ripped off my skis and threw them down the mountain and started to walk. Oh and I may have used up my year’s worth of bad language. Think of my poor kids waiting to be picked up!  After another section of sliding on my ass so I didn’t break my leg, I made my husband go ahead to get the kids. He made it with exactly zero seconds to spare. By the time I was at the final section of grassy moguls, I sailed right through them… 

After a lunch and rest , we headed back out as a family.  At this point, my daughter was showing signs of fatigue … aka her goggles  weren’t fitting correctly and she felt it was such a large problem that nearly falling to her death off the lift was a justifiable alternative. Then the Bambi legs hit. Bam she was down, boom she was upside down with her skis five feet ahead, oops another fall. She had fallen and couldn’t get up , over and over… my son is a preteen who wanted to show off his newly found skills and couldn’t stand to stay off the glades. The glades won’t be open tomorrow, because the rain would surely be washing the remaining natural snow away.

A glade , what’s a glade? Well in Utah they had these lovely adventure trails in the woods that were challenging but not too tough to get through. Here the glades are little treed trails. Big skis, Little trails. Little skis, Little trails meant he took off at the speed of lightning and we followed behind Bambi. I mean why would her 7 year old legs be tired after 22 miles of skiing … my husband bailed out of the glade halfway through, I lost the kids with their little skis, until I found my daughter two inches from falling into a two foot deep puddle. She was tangled and upside down. Clearly this was all my fault even though I was not in the vicinity at the time of the accident. I somehow lifted her up without a drop of water touching her skin and after another Bambi fall on a steep tree covered hill, we finished the glade and met up with a less exhausted husband. As if this wasn’t enough, we thought why not hit one more mini terrain park to keep my preteen from grumpville.  Another Bambi fall and the day came to a close!

Why go sit in the sunshine in the south when you could ski 25 miles in a day, lift up your child ten times, and use up a year’s worth of cursing on the slope from hell. We really are having the best time, love it! 


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