School was cancelled yesterday before 5:00 and by the time we went to sleep not a flake had fallen. In fact when I woke up after 7:00, it was so still and quiet that I thought the blizzard took a turn left or right. One peek out the window and I knew I was wrong. The peacefulness was the result of not a single vehicle on the road.

While the early snow was light and fluffy, we ventured out in it to get our dog to use the bathroom. It was up to my knees, but light and fluffy. The wind was still and temperature perfect. Only a few hours later the winds picked up and the snow became wetter. At about Noon we hit the 2 foot mark. Our plow isn’t functioning and the snow blower is the only hope! 

An hour later it’s still coming down. It’s safe to say we won’t have school tomorrow and I wouldn’t even bank on Thursday either. For now we watch it rise to the base of our windows and keep warm in the house. We have power and that’s a blessing. Now we just wait till stops, it has to stop at some point! 


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