Today only it’s 10% off Target gift cards. While this isn’t a spectacular deal, it’s one that’s pretty practical.

Here’s why. We all spend money at Target anyway so even if shopping for the family it’s 5% more than the usual discount with a Red Card.

Birthday parties- who doesn’t have a million invites and who doesn’t forget to order a gift till the day before? Have a few in birthday party worthy amounts and it is super easy!

Holiday gifts- I usually get a few in smaller amounts for the bus driver or other service workers who I want to give a little extra to.

You- yes you. You know you are shopping there anyway so if worse comes to worse you can use them.

Restriction apply and you can only buy up to $300 worth. I’d try to use Rakuten or Top Cash Back to see if you could sweeten the deal.

Stock up today!


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