My daughter is  writing notes, there are somewhere around twenty five of them currently hung up in my house.  Don’t do this, keep this here, whoever did this don’t do it again, party time in my room, and they just keep coming.  There are lists and sweet notes.  Plus in case you wanted to know I should get home shef…  It is the phonetic spelling that makes it charming and at times a little unnerving.


If you know me personally you can imagine the scenario.  “Cecily I love this note about the new stool, but don’t you hear that oo sounds in stool?  So how should you have spelled that?  Why is I not capitalized?  You always have to capitalize I and names too, way aren’t you doing that! ”  Our recent favorite was the 8 notes on doorways throughout the house wit the letters iol and numbers 1-8.  I didn’t get it for a long time and had to ask what they were.  Aisles of course!  It is not uncommon to find scrap paper and pencils everywhere!  Even in the bathroom.  Don’t you do some of your best thinking on the toilet?

Along with the writing, has come the awakening of reading.  As we drive through town, she calls out what the signs say.  Tuesday on the way home from lacrosse she announced in the most chipper voice, “Mom Beer’s open!” I thanked her for the help, but declined the stop.


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