I think there is still this misconception about what teachers of today do all day at work.  People are remembering their childhood classroom experiences where maybe the teacher directed the class from his or her desk.  I, too, had a few teachers that sat at their desk or at the podium in front of the class lecturing all day or assigning tasks.  They didn’t move about the class offering positive feedback in the form of praise, “Good work Lisa, keep trying Bobby.”

Teachers even spend their weekends laminating!

I clock between 3-5 miles a day as a teacher and while I am not always on my feet, I am rarely at my desk.  I am never sitting at my desk when I have students in the room.  So what are today’s teachers doing if they aren’t sitting around at their desks all day…

  • Reinforcing students positively
  • Checking for understanding
  • Mediating disagreements
  • Reading aloud
  • Acting out lessons
  • Modeling writing
  • Calling families
  • Responding to emails
  • Scheduling and holding meetings
  • Documenting parent contacts
  • Differentiating instruction
  • Grading work
  • Remediating skills
  • Collaborating with colleagues
  • Designing and implementing I.E.P.s
  • Singing and dancing every skill known to man to teach a topic

Teachers are busy all day, every day.  The expectations of this career are difficult to manage and the diversity of learners is ever-changing.  I challenge you to find me a teacher who averages less than two miles a day on their feet at work.  Though the work is ever-changing and sometimes feels never-ending (right through the summer people!) , I would never want a career where every day is similar and where the demands aren’t constantly increased.  Educators rise to the challenge and then rise somewhere above it.  To all my colleagues clocking five miles a day in dress shoes, cheers!



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