Thankful, grateful, blessed… it’s been a tough eight months. There were moments of joy mixed in with all the fear and confusion. I can say that we have learned how to accommodate and live the new normal. I have restructured every aspect of the way I teach, which at first was difficult beyond words. Keeping your distance for seven year olds who need you to be near now more than ever, not an easy task. Teachers have to be flexible and this pandemic has pushed us right to the limits of our flexibility. My own children have become accustom to a mix of at home and school based learning as well. When the sad thoughts of loss of experiences creep in, we try to find the silver linings. Sometimes we don’t, sometimes we just feel the sadness of loss.

The fact that this new normal has become normal at all is a tragedy in its own right. I watch TV and movies and think things like… Those people are awful close, oh my goodness they just shook hands, I envy the scenes of groups out to dinner or traveling. This Thanksgiving break we reflected on the simple blessings. The fact that I have had a chance to get to know my students in person and that my own children have been able to do the same with their teachers. That my children have continued to have some socialization and a few sports’ seasons. That I got a few months at home where I could focus on my own children and their education. That my dog is living his best life with his kids home from school three days a week. That I have perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe . That my mom has found ways to safely still be active and is walking with a friend every day. That we have our health and that for this moment my family continues to be well in this difficult time. I hope that in this storm, you too can find a few moments of joy. I hope that soon we can travel , hold sleep overs, celebrate with our friends and families , and enjoy the simple things that we took for granted before Co-Vid. .


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