To say that my laptop owes me nothing is an understatement.  It is almost 6 years old and probably weighs more than a newborn.  It is scraped, has keys ripped off, and hasn’t been able to be unplugged in over a year!  Two battery chargers, two states, two kids later and I think the thing finally kicked the bucket.  Almost all my blog posts have been written on my old Gateway and I don’t even know my stinking password to log in to the blog.  So I thought I may be never seeing you here again!


An hour later and I am somehow logged on to my account while on my husband’s computer.  I somehow accomplished this without a password, so it may never happen again.  For now I have to decide if I am going to share his laptop or venture out and get a new one for myself.  Good bye old laptop and thanks for the memories!


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