I was helping my daughter put out her outfit for the next day. I reached for a set of undies and came out with some cute kitty ones. I looked at them and remarked that she was probably getting too old for kitty undies. She mentioned that her friend who was over and borrowing some underwear (little girls at age 7 share clothing and change outfits at play dates ) and she only wanted plain white ones. My daughter had none. 

Now my daughter has wanted to be older since one year old, so it’s no surprise that she’d want grown up styles. We then had a little discussion about those kitty undies in which I said, “For the rest of your life you will wear boring underwear. It won’t be anything fun so hold on to those a little longer, because you will wear plain undies the rest of your life.”  To my surprise, she actually agreed. 

A little while later, while sorting out laundry she called out, “Hey you told me adults don’t wear fun underpants!” To which I replied yes.  “So why are there turtles on dad’s underwear? ”  Always a step ahead of me. 


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