When we moved from our 1200 square foot house to one twice as big, the one thing I wanted was a walk in closet.  A closet where I never had to change out the clothes.  Where short and long sleeves could mingle, where sandals and boots could stand proudly side by side.  What I got was a slightly bigger version of my previous closet.

Today as the wind swept across the mountains and the heat clicked on, it signaled to most that it was time to switch the wardrobes.  For families the job is multiplied.  Down came the bins of last year’s clothes. A few lucky families not only had hand me downs, but could locate them prior to their children growing out of them (that’s a real thing).  Piles and piles of clothes were formed, burying the unsuspecting mothers up to their heads.


Speaking from experience, you get about one shot at having the children willingly try on an article of clothing.  A second win may be a five minute window where your child tells you what they like or don’t like.  Now my daughter insists she will wear everything.  I think she does not want to share.  Year after year, the button pants land in the drawer and year after year they sit untouched.  A few lucky pair may make a half day appearance before being stripped off for an elastic waist option.


I am not much better.  Every year there are more than a few items that simply go from drawer to storage and back.  It’s been a solid three years of me thinking, “I will just sort out the ones I want to get rid of next season when I bring them down.”  Why is it easier to throw them in the closet instead of in a bag for Goodwill?  This year I finally packed away three bags worth of “we are over it” clothing.

Now we are all snuggling in for a movie night in our warm pajamas and sneezing and sniffling from the change of weather.  Welcome fall, it’s nice to see you.

Remember friends don’t let friend’s children wear high waters so pass along the hand me downs!


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