We get our children all geared up and ready for the first day. Prompting them about how wonderful and fun it will be, but is that a reality? From a teaching point of view, it’s more like a first date. Stepping carefully, feeling unsure, not connected and able to read each other’s intentions. You remember first dates? Nerves, uncertainty, and a lot of awkward conversation. First days can be like that, there’s a lot of getting to know each other.  It’s slow and sometimes boring. 

You know what though? First dates lead to second dates, which are mostly better. Then many dates later you are in a relationship. Equate the relationship phase to hitting your groove and bonding as a class. You know each other’s expectations and personality quirks,  which makes everything easier. So remember that right now we are on our first dates.  If your child is feeling anxious, give it time. Soon everyone will hit their grooves, learn each other’s personalities, and form bonds. Sometimes first days are the worst days, but next days are the best days. Welcome back to school! 


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