Both my children have asked for an Elf in the Shelf for years and we couldn’t have been prouder of the fact that we avoided it. I’d smile with glee as people complained about forgetting to move him or sigh with relief as I saw the elaborate scene set ups night after night.  When my daughter, at age 7, asked for the hundredth time by writing a letter to Santa begging for one ; we could no longer ignore it. So thanks to a very generous friend who donated one to us, Dash joined our family. 

He came with a note stating he may not always move just at night, so if she wakes to see him in the same place then he’d move while she was at school. That took the pressure off there! He also was a kind Elf not up to much mischief so he really only just moved and didn’t wreck the house. He brought so much joy to her this season and proved that sometimes moms don’t know best. What I thought was a silly little thing turned into pure magic for her. She was up by 6:30 every day, yes every day looking for Dash around the house. Today he has flown back into his box. While I doubt the magic will still exist like this next year, I am thankful for this month where a little creepy doll brought joy to our house! 


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