As a child, I was allowed to travel with friends alone to a few select places … the penny candy store, the neighborhood park, and our local bakery. I have vivid memory of my bakery, Pierce Street, where you took a number and then waited to be called on while anxiously trying to decide the best treats to purchase. Deciding how to best spend your dollar while dreamily looking at the shiny treats in the case was always the hardest choice. Elephant ears, eclairs, sugar cookies, and cream filled doughnuts were always among the favorites but usually a danish won out.

The tradition has continued for my own children, though they aren’t lucky enough to have a bakery in walking distance. Last week we got word that one of our favorites closed. This was a place where I could spend $20 and leave with boxes of doughnuts, pastries, pizza, and pierogis. We still have a few around where we delight in buying pies, danishes, doughnuts, and bagels. In a world of convenience and health consciousness, I hope the little local bakery survives. There is nothing that compares to looking wide eyed at a case of treats and filling up a cardboard pastry box full of wishes and delights. So spend the extra dollar and eat those extra calories to keep the local bakery alive for another generation of wide eyed children!


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