I’ve been seeing posts popping up on my feed about the challenges of the middle schools. No matter the gender, no matter the location, no matter the parenting style it seems common ground that we can agree these years are tough.

One day you are holding hands crossing the street and the next your child has turned into a moody and unpredictable dare I say … monster. Okay it’s harsh but there are moments when parenting this age that your once sweet child seems hardly recognizable. No blog post or parent friend warning will quite prepare you for the moment that your preteen/teen breaks you.

While my advice is that it’s completely normal for your child to have these changes and okay to feel upset watching the transition, in the moment it hurts. You’ve poured your heart in soul into this loving child only for them to come out on the other side as a self centered midsized human!

My advice is don’t ever judge your middle schooler by the way they treat their parents or siblings. Instead step back and see how they treat others. My friend shared how her son spent his entire free day helping out his grandpa by mowing the lawn, which the grandpa could no longer mow. Maybe it’s observing your teen being gentle and kind to a friend’s younger sibling or loving on a pet. All that hard work you put in still exists under that fresh and sarcastic exterior. Hold your breathe and look at them from someone else’s point of view and in the meantime stay strong.


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