When I was younger, I was very thin.  So thin that I could never wear stylish clothes, instead I was relegated to catalog selected, elastic waist pants.  By the time I was 14, I hit one hundred pounds and was able to shop like the rest of the other teenagers.

My son is now reliving that fate.  Lucky for him the invention of the adjustable waist has solved much of his issues with staying cool enough while dealing with finding age appropriate clothing that fits.  Short season is always more bearable as he can wear smaller sizes without much worry about length.  Pants season is right round the corner and he has outgrown size 8 , but in no way is ready for size 10. Oh and he wants only athletic pants in sports brand names, but he doesn’t want to step foot in the store.  So begins the buy and try phase. As soon as I find something that fits, I will buy five pairs in that exact size and call it a day.  A special thanks goes out to all the stores that decided to skip creating a size 9.


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