Primary teachers know that there is nothing like a bandage or an ice pack from the nurse to turn an injury around! But in the land of multiple injuries, they may not have shared with you a super secret trade cure all that has been used for decades yet never till this moment exposed to the general public…

This remedy has been known to cure many ailments such as the hang nail, the loose tooth, the small scrape, the tiny blister, the itchy eye, and the most daunting first grade injury of all the tiny paper cut ( in all seriousness those buggers hurt). In an effort to save resources , the nurse’s time, and to not interprupt the learning environment teachers have designed a triage plan for these every day injuries. You too can use this in your home as it works instant miracles and is even more effective than my second go to that I call… rinse it under some water.  

For this treatment plan you will need access to two things; water and sub par paper like quality scratchy paper towels. Children are able to administer this treatment easily by simply running the water over the non absorbent paper towel for about five seconds. They then apply the treatment right to the inflicted area and within five minutes  99% of patients will be cured.  There is that rare 1% who still may need a professional nurse’s treatment where they will return with a specially prepared paper towel from said nurse. 

This treatment we all secretly refer to as… “Get a wet paper towel!” 

For the treatment to be most effective on minuscule scrapes, tiny cuts, old scabs you must not reveal to the children that bandages are available, because sadly they make “Get a wet paper towel” less effective.  


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