I think I have written several posts about education in the summer and how to combat the summer slide. Last year we participated in Brain Chase for my older son and I ran a small educational group at my house with my daughter and some friends. Both were an amazing fit and combined learning and fun.

This year is slightly different for our family, as I have been teaching full time this year for the first time since becoming a mom. That combined with a rather long and unique school year that for me basically started the first week of August and won’t end for the children until June 30th. This was all caused by a teacher’s strike and contract negotiations that remain unsolved.   We choose to live in this area for the school district. We value excellent teachers, families that focus on education, and public schools. My children have had another great year of learning.


This year I feel like our summer learning should be led by them. All year they sit and complete assignments driven by curriculum. What if we let the children be our guides and learn about what they want to learn about? That means it is okay to spend the summer building fairy gardens, working on the dissection of seeds, coding, or researching Civil War generals. You can find ways to intertwine all subject areas into this learning. I am not saying don’t pick up a book or practice your multiplication tables.  What I am saying is to give your child a voice and some power over their learning. Ask them what they want to know more about? I assure you it will lead to great adventures and a lot of learning for you too. Need help along the way? You know where to find me!

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