The tree came down this weekend. As I placed many of the ornaments away, I felt a tinge of sadness. So many tiny faces graced handmade ornaments and little handprints reflected in the glass balls. Ornaments from the trips we have taken reminded me of a character breakfast at Disney, the lunchtime train trip where my son fell asleep in his hobo beans, and our first trip together to Niagara. I was reminded of simpler times where toys abounded under the tree. Where both my kids were filled with full Christmas magic.

I wouldn’t trade in my older kids. The ease of traveling, the ability to get sick and know they could feed and clothe themselves, watching them turn into growing people.

I do miss that sweet spot though. I miss weekends filled with playing at home instead of studying for hours. I miss the time when they thought I was a super hero who could save any day. I miss the little voices saying words wrong. I miss simplicity! So if you are in the sweet spot, embrace it between those exhausted moments.

Oh the little faces…


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