Life is full of monotonous tasks, many simple but somehow compound when exhaustion sets in. How many parents have said at the end of the school year… I am just so glad that I am almost done packing the lunches. That five minute daily chore somehow feels like such a larger task by day 170.

My life has become a continuous list of routines and tasks… wake up, shower, , get dressed, eat breakfast, one kid off with lunch packed, next kid fed, lunches made, dry hair, brush teeth, set up daughter’s vision therapy, nag daughter to start vision therapy, remind daughter of the importance of vision therapy, double check bags, nag husband, feed dog, let out dog, and head to work all before 8:00. Then I keep schedules all day and do the routines again at night. Rinse and repeat, Groundhog Day style.

Having one less thing to think about or taken off the list is joy! So when last year I had recess duty every Thursday mostly on cold days, because I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I discovered a pair of really comfy khaki pants that I wore every Thursday. Friday was already jean’s day, basically that’s the equivalent of a bonus in the teaching world. With the introduction of the Thursday pants, came one less thing to think about. Just make it through the first three days with respectable clothing and Thursday you can wear the comfy pants.

It’s Wednesday night and I am completely exhausted, so you better believe my Thursday pants are all set for tomorrow!


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