Saying good bye to 5.

Saying good bye to 5.

“Carry me up the steps mom,” she says night after night.  Her long legs wrap around me almost dangling to the floor and it takes every ounce of strength for me to make it up the steps.  When was the last time I carried her brother like this?  He was almost three when his little sister came storming in soaking up every ounce of my attention as often as she could.  Today she is six, way too old to be carried about. I don’t refuse, because this is it for both of us.  There will come a day soon when I will no longer be able to bear her weight and it will be an end of an era. So for now I muster up the strength to carry this now 6 year, because today could be the last day for both of us.


Dear Cecily,

Last night you went to bed at 5 and today you woke up as a 6 year old.  You had to be awakened which is rare for you.  You usually come bounding out of bed throwing open our door and announcing your presence.  Unfortunately for your dad and I, you sometimes come bounding in right in the middle of the night with your dog blazing behind.  Last night, you were reading in bed and asked for a tractor book.  How sweet I thought, still little and wants to read about farms.  So I got ready to hand you an old board book.  You said no a TRACTOR BOOK, like Junie B. Jones.  That story sums up where you are, right on the edge.  Soon you won’t say funny little things like this and my heart may ache just a bit. Once up for the day, you decided to admire yourself as a six year old.  You looked at yourself in the mirror and said, ” I think I am taller, would you measure me?”  Well you are pretty tall for your age, but I don’t think you grew overnight.

Who are you at 6?  Five has been very kind to us all.  You had an excellent year in Kindergarten (28 days to go).  I am amazed at all that you know and your excitement for learning more.  Math and Science are you favorite subjects.  Reading has been a bit of a roller coaster, but I am proud of all your progress.Our favorite books to read this year have been Piggie and Elephant and June B. Jones.   Your favorite things to do are play with your dog, swing, and play with your dolls.  You are independent and can entertain yourself for hours.  You have a love for music, dance, and exercise.

You still love socializing and friends more than anything and I love watching you make connections with people instantly.  It has also been a surprise to see you very quiet and shy at school.  I am glad you have decided that rules are important to follow while at school. Your favorite foods are strawberries, soup, bagels, and pretzels.  Carbs, carbs, and carbs are requested all the time although you hate noodles.


When you grow up you want to be a principal, animal trainer, singer and dancer.  I used to think you might like a position of authority, but now I am not sure.  That is the fun part of parenting, watching all the changes.  Sure saying good bye to some stages can be very hard on a mom, but I wouldn’t trade the 6 year old you for the 3 year old you even if I miss her sometimes.   Happy birthday, can’t wait to see what this year brings.



P.S. You have your first loose tooth!




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